Why your website should be using https

Typically https domains were associated with e-commerce websites where online payment transactions were is processed. Today the recommendation is that https should be used on all websites.


A website with https encrypts the data sent and received with SSL, while HTTP sends it all as plain text.

Using a https means that while browsing on that website nobody can “listen” to that conversation. Data sent from browser (such as a contact form or password) to web server with https stays private.

Https increases security and protects the privacy of your users – Google

In late 2017 Google made an update in Google Chrome to show websites that have any form on them as not secure if they do not have a https ssl cert installed. Safari browser also now shows a warning to people when they are visiting a site that is not protected by https encryption.

Hubspot reported in 2017 that if your business website does not have an ssl cert (https) then more than 8 out of 10 users would leave your website.

Having a https is said to now have a ranking factor in search results. Although with all things SEO, we can never be 100% sure of what Google uses as part of their ranking signals but it is reported that Google is now using https as a ranking signal. In other words having https over http will likely mean more traffic to your website.


SSL certs come in all shapes and sizes depending on the size of the website and other complex issues. However for a standard personal site, blog , small business or e-commerce site you can purchase an ssl cert from €30 for the year with blacknight.com

Add security and trust to your website by installing a ssl cert, ask your web developer today about getting an ssl installed onto your site.

Read more from Google about why you should install an ssl cert on your site.


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