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Regarding Email Marketing, is there a need to re-invent the wheel?

Large companies with big budgets and extensive marketing departments will have already done the research and tested different email marketing strategies. They will know the best day and time to send emails, they will have tested different email layouts and subject lines.

Whatever sector your business is in, sign up to all the newsletters for the top brands and leaders in that sector. See what time/day they are sending emails, see what type of content and layout they are using, see what subject lines they are using.

This can give you a lot of new information and help you design your own email marketing strategy.

Seven things you can test with your email campaign

  1. Sender (from address)
  2. Subject Line
  3. Personalisation ( Hi John, Hi Mary)
  4. Day of the week sent
  5. Time of day sent
  6. Target Audience (don’t send the same email to everyone if it is not relevant (current customer / prospect customer))
  7. Call to action ( is your call to action clear / is there a link / is the call to action enticing enough for a customer or prospect to click)

When you have sent your email campaign, compare how they are doing versus the industry benchmarks for email campaigns

If you are unsure as to how to start sending emails to your customers see my previous post Grow your email list, not just your followers, MailChimp is a free tool that you can use to start engaging with customers via email

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