Grow your email list, not just your followers

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc. are all excellent platforms for marketing and promoting your business or brand. More and more businesses and bloggers/influencers are using social media alone to promote their brand which is great, but at what cost.

There is a huge emphasis on growing the number of followers one has on social media, some social media pages have built huge social media followers from 10-200k followers and more.

For me, there is one thing that is as important in getting a new follower on social media. Growing your email database.

Having a huge following is great but you are missing out on valuable marketing data that you could be using to build your brand. Social media platforms evolve and change therefore there is a risk that all your followers on one platform may not follow you across (excuse the pun) to the next one big one to arrive (Snapchat to Instagram as an example in the last 2 years). What can be constant for your brand is a website and the data you can gather from it, including collecting email addresses.

If you don’t have a website, no problem, a website is not required in order to start growing your email list. A website will give you lots of additional data to use for marketing, however for collecting email addresses from your current social media following it’s not critical you have one.

Email marketing is still one of the most effective ways of direct marketing and increasing ROI. Email marketing can enable you to send personalized, relevant emails to your subscribers. Consider that you had an email address for all your social media followers and were able to segment and target the audience based on content preferences. This can provide your brand with so much more marketing potential.

So how can you turn followers into email signups?

One idea could be that Instead of uploading all your content to social media, get users to sign up to your email list to see the full exclusive content that you are providing. If you are running a competition, use the email form as a way of entering the competition.

By growing your email list, you could also increase your social media following.

Take the scenario that you have an email address for all of your social media followers,  you run a campaign where you asked your current followers to forward the email to a friend, this could result in new social media followers.

How do I start building my email list? is a popular tool and one that I have used for this blog. You can signup for free for up to 2,000 followers, sending 12,000 emails a month. This is plenty to get you started in order to grow your list. You can signup here

Upon signup, you will have to fill in some details of which then you will land at a page to start designing your first email. We can skip this step as for now as we are not ready to send any emails.

To set up your signup form and get a URL to share with your followers Click Lists

There will be one list here by default, select stats and then signup forms


Click Select

This is where you can select the fields that you want to include on your form. By default, you have a first name, last name, email address & birthday. Birthday is a good one to have (who doesnt like getting a happy birthday email, or birthday discount or offer).

You can also style email signup with a logo or different colors and include fields that may be applicable to your brand such as asking an interest with two checkboxes.

Here you will also see your signup form URL, this is the url that you can share with your followers on your social media to start growing your email database.

Signup to my email list using the following link 🙂

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