10 Marketing Tools Every Business Should Know About

1 – Moz
Great tool for SEO to check domain and page authority. Links to website. Reports on SEO technical issues.


2 – MailChimp
Free online Email Marketing tool. No website required. Create emails and landing pages for your audience


3 – Google Analytics
Free tracking tool that gives you detailed reports on website visitors. Help make business decisions based on data.


4 – FollowerWonk
Deeper Twitter analytics to discover who your followers are and when they tweet. Connect with influencers who compliment your offering


5 – BuzzSumo
Learn about your competition and what content performs the best for your audience.


6 – Canva
Easy to use templates for creating graphics and images for social media posts and advertising.


7 – Keyword.io
Use this tool to get handy keyword ideas to create content around


8 – Facebook Audience Insights
Use this tool to do some market research and see how big your target market is in certain areas.


9 – Hootsuite
Use hootsuite to monitor all your social media platforms in the one place.


10 – SurveyMonkey
Want to get some customer feedback? Ask them using this free online tool.


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