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Are you using Google Ads as part of your digital strategy?

Google Ads lets you bid for keywords to target customers who are interested in services that your business has to offer. The cost of that bid varies from market to market depending on the level of competition and demographics selected. This post is focused on the opportunity that Google Mobile Ads offers to local businesses using demographic and device targeting.

Do I need to use Google Ads?

You should always be working on your website content to optimise organic Google search results. However some of the benefits of paid search (Google Ads) include:

• Paid search is 100% measurable and easy to control.
• Impressions are free, you only pay when someone clicks on your ad.
• Google Ads can do is help you get to the top of the search results page where organic visibility is difficult.

Local business opportunity

For local businesses who are targeting a specific demographic, competition for keywords can be lower, therefore a smaller bid may be required (than if you were to target a larger demographic and population). Take a local restaurant in a town, they could bid a maximum of .50 cent for their advert to appear at the top of the google searches and be successful with that bid. You will only pay the maximum required for that advert to show but nothing over your max bid. Your ad could potentially show for .10 or .20 cent depending on the competition and ad ranking.


Would you pay .50 cent to potentially get a prospective customer into your restaurant, a customer who may pay on average €50 – €100 for a meal?


You can target your advert for specific times of the day and target specific devices such as mobile. When someone searches on their mobile they are looking to: learn, find or buy something right now. Taking a restaurant for example again, you can target users that are:

• searching for a “local restaurant”
• set target device to a mobile phone
• are within 5km of your business
• target ads to show during your opening hours

Showing your advert for this set criteria would be a good way to get started with Google Ads. Ads will be showing to very relevant prospect customers based on your targeting.

This is a high-level view of how Google Ads Mobile can benefit your business.

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