What is too much retargeting?

Re-targeting advertisements are part of a of marketeer’s tool kit. Using this technology enables businesses to show advertising to potential customers after they have visited their website or specific product page. I highly recommend that as a business that you would include this as part of your digital strategy. It can help you gain sales from abandoned shopping carts etc.

Recently I have looked at a pair of runners online and for the last 10 days I have seen advertising on every website and app. When I first seen the ads, as a marketer I am aways impressed that someone has served me the advert for the specific product that I was looking at. I have now seen the advert at least 20 times.

Now I ask myself the question: as a consumer, can retargeting become too much? What is too much? 10,20,30 days? 10,20,30 views?

The other part of me as a marketer wants to buy the product to see if they are using a conversion pixel to ensure advert goes away if I convert (I might try this for marketing purposes only 😊)

So, from this question I decided to do some research into the topic and some of the findings are that there is a lot of articles discussing the topic. Some highlights being:

  1. Users can get frustrated and irritated if they see the advert too many times and be put off buying.
  2. It raises consumers concerns over privacy as it may be creepy (to non-marketeers or someone who doesn’t understand retargeting ads) that an advert is following them around the internet.
  3. A high frequency of showing your advert can have an impact on your brand image


My findings conclude that yes as a marketeer or business you 100% should include retargeting adverts in your business, however you should:

  1. Find the optimal frequency for your ads to be shown based off industry standards
  2. Segment audiences based on the page they were looking at and show them the relevant advert. Example a homepage visit you may serve a general advert; a product page visit you may server them that specific product in an ad.
  3. Don’t keep showing the same adverts over and over.
  4. Different businesses have different conversion times which should be taken into consideration. Someone shopping for a wedding suit will have a longer conversion time than someone shopping online for a gift of a necklace.
  5. Use a conversion pixel to ensure you stop showing the advert when someone converts

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