Are you using retargeting in your digital marketing strategy?

Are you using retargeting in your digital marketing strategy? Here is why you should consider using it.

What is Retargeting

What retargeting does is that every visitor to your website is “tagged” using a cookie, this cookie can then trigger ads to that user when they are browsing other websites and social media channels.

Facebook Retargeting

Let’s take Facebook remarking as an example, if you are using Facebook it is more than likely that you are promoting your content out to all your page friends and their friends in a one size fit all approach. If, however, you install a Facebook pixel onto your website you can then show specific ads on Facebook to users that carried out specific actions. For example, if you have a sports website and someone visits the runner’s section then you can specifically show them adverts for runners.

Google Ads Retargeting

Google Ads also lets you do the same only it is not specific to Facebook. You can install a Google Ads pixel also onto your website which will “tag” users with a cookie also. This will then enable you to show adverts to people across multiple websites such as news websites etc and not just Facebook like the above.

Retargeting works as it can get your advert in front of audiences at different times over different devices. How many times have you been looking at a shopping page only to be distracted? Then later while you are browsing on your mobile device you see the advert which reminds you of what you are looking at and reengages you to look at the site.

Retargeting can ensure that you are spending money on people that are interested in your products. You may decide to only show ads to people that have visited 3 pages or spent x amount of time. Therefore, you should consider using retargeting in your digital strategy.

Segment Your Audience

Every person that visits your website is on a journey. Some are there to buy while others are there to browse your offerings and consider their options. Retargeting ads should be segmented to get the best results. Users that visit the Homepage only you may offer them a discount to get them interested. Whereas if someone visits the shopping cart page they are close to buying so you can offer them a free delivery on their purchase.


The click-through rate for retargeting adverts versus standard display adverts in sometimes is up to 10 times higher.

Website users who are retargeted with display ads are more than likely to convert by up to 70%

Get Started

To get started ask your web developer today to get your Facebook or Google Ads pixel installed onto your site. Once you get the pixel on your site you will have to wait a few weeks until your pixel builds up the data.

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