What information are you getting from your website

For many businesses one of the first goals that they have is to get an online website presence. This can be an exciting time for any new business in getting their website online and available for the whole world to see their services and offerings.

The questions I would put to you is:

How is your website working for your business?

What information are you getting from your website?

You don’t have to be technical in website design, having the knowledge to know what information is available, and what questions you can ask your website developer can make a difference to how you approach website content.

Two tools that are free and that you should be aware of are:

Google Analytics:

This  is one of the most basic tools that you should have installed onto your website. This tool can send you weekly reports and analytics about website usage. Data available to you here includes items such as:

  1. Site visits per day / week (how does your site compare to industry standards)
  2. Traffic source (where is your traffic coming from/ how many clicked the link in your email or tweet)
  3. Demographics (who is visiting your website)
  4. Conversions (how many people filled in a contact form or requested a quote)
  5. Behaviour flow (this can help understand the user journey, you can see the most popular pages and the pages where people exit the website. Seeing where people exit the website without converting will give you information to either fix a problem, or add additional information to increase the path to conversion)

Search Console:

Did you know that if you enable search console on your website, you can see the searches entered into Google which triggered your site to show up in the search results pages?

This information can be very useful to identify content that your audience may want to see. You will identify search terms where you are ranking number 1, however the valuable information may be in the searches that you ranking number 20, meaning you are showing up on page 3 or 4 of a Google search.

For example: Google search console may show that you are showing at position 20 for search term “Wedding Invitations Drogheda”. You can look at your website content and notice that you actually do not have a webpage or blog with content on what users are searching for.

This can give you the information to then create a webpage or blog specifically for “Wedding Invitations Drogheda”. This will increase your chances of ranking higher in google search terms for that specific search term.

Knowing what people are searching for will enable your business to create the right content and increase your chances of getting website traffic.

Google Trends

Google trends is a great website where you can see how search terms are performing including related search queries. This can be a useful tool if you are launching a new product or service. Check it out its also free


Google Trends


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